Distracted Walking Can Result in Personal Liability

Distracted Walking Can Result in Personal Liability

Distracted walking can result in pedestrian accidents. In this case, one is not paying attention to the road or traffic, is listening to earbuds, is texting, or is totally engrossed in their phone. In some states, an individual can be held fully liable for causing an accident and be required to compensate the injured party.

Distractions That Do In fact Exist

Nowadays, a person may be distracted by their phone or listen to something through headphones while strolling near traffic. The sound drowns out traffic noises and other auditory impacts that should be heard as a person walks, such as horns and whistles.

A person who is solely focused on the phone or device may miss other things, such as crosswalk signs or red or green signals. These distractions could result in a catastrophe.

Accidents Resulting From Distracted Walking

Accidents can be caused by people who are only looking at their smartphones and not at the road. They may cross the street in spite of signs telling them not to, or collide with bicycles and bicyclists. It is possible for motorists to become distracted when trying to avoid pedestrians who aren’t paying attention to the road.

It almost always leads to collisions with objects or other individuals. This can result in injuries, property destruction, or even death. Many parties can be affected by this problem, and several insurance companies might need to play a part in compensating the injured parties.

What Does Distracted Walking Do to Traffic?

Traffic is generally not bothered by distracted walkers who stay on the side of the road. It is not always the case with inattentive walkers. It is not uncommon for these people to attempt to cross the road, potentially colliding with someone or something, and possibly causing a bicycle accident.

Pedestrians who walk into traffic may face accidents, resulting in their death. They may also face a more significant disaster in which numerous vehicles and bystanders are involved. A distracted walker could damage property, cause injury, or even die as he or she did not pay attention to traffic.

Distracted Walking is a Serious Problem

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has revealed the significance of distracted walkers with statistics and reviews. Injuries are clearly caused when pedestrians stare at something other than vehicles because they are unaware of their surroundings. Some cities have banned texting while walking because it is a major problem. It is necessary to ban walkers in this area in order to prevent further deaths caused by distractions from pedestrians.

Distracted Walking is Associated With a Number of Risks

People who are distracted while walking face a number of concerns. A pedestrian, cyclist, or bicycle rider is more likely to be injured if they are involved in one of these collisions. The most common injuries are trips, sprains, sprains, and fractures. There is also a possibility of cuts, bruises, and concussions.

Serious incidents are often associated with brain damage, spinal cord damage, and death. There are thousands of pedestrian accidents caused by distracted walking every year. It is therefore imperative to have a lawyer on hand in case one of these pedestrians causes serious injury as a result of distracted walking.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

If an individual is injured in a distracted walker accident, their case can be pursued by hiring a lawyer to represent them. To prove the pedestrian was distracted while walking, video surveillance through traffic light cameras, witness testimony, and other evidence could be used. Call Deldar Legal Injury Attorneys in California for a free consultation.


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