Plane Crash Results

Plane crash resulted in the death of all its passengers. Deldar Legal represented the heirs of one of the deceased passengers obtaining a near $1 million settlement in a jurisdiction where the maximum allotted recovery is $400,000.


Big Rig Accident Results

Mother and daughter involved in a big rig versus automobile accident. Deldar Legal recovered $1 million for clients at mediation.


Auto Accident Results

Motorcycle victim was injured by another vehicle. Client required 5 surgeries and near amputation of his leg. Policy on the other side was only $100,000.00. Liability was disputed. After filing a lawsuit and 2 rounds of mediation, the at-fault party contributed $400,000.00 of her own funds to settle the case for $500,000.00.


Auto Accident Results

Unsafe lane change sets in motion a chain collision resulting in our client being violently T-boned.  Deldar Legal obtained a settlement for $350,000.


Carbon Monoxide Results

Policy limit of $300,000 is recovered by Deldar Legal for a carbon monoxide case.


Auto Accident Results

Plaintiff involved in an automobile accident with $2,400 property damage. Plaintiff suffered one-level cervical discectomy. Initial offer by insurance carrier was $5,300.


Slip & Fall Results

After a slip and fall, 36-year-old female suffered a cervical fusion and was placed on psych disability. Initial offer at mediation was $15,000.

$100,000 (Policy Limit)

Auto Accident Results

Plaintiff involved in a T-Bone automobile accident suffered from 7 broken ribs and internal bleeding.

$100,000 (Policy Limit)

Auto Accident Results

68-year-old retired male involved in an automobile accident with only $640 in property damage. Plaintiff suffered lumbar spinal fusion and required surgery. Medical bills were $24,000. Carrier initially denied that the impact could have caused any injury.


Product Defect Results

Plaintiff was injured by defective exercise equipment, causing injury to her knee. Liability was initially denied.


Slip and Fall Results

Restaurant closed 2 weeks after the incident and 4 months before the claim was mailed to the last known address of the owner. Plaintiff suffered internal knee derangement and required arthroscopic knee surgery. Medical bills were $19,500. Case settled after the former employees were deposed.

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