When Do Most Pedestrian Fatalities Occur? U.S. Data Review

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The number of U.S. pedestrians killed in motor-vehicle crashes that last three years is noticeably higher than pre-COVID levels. A new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) explains the alarming trend through statistical analysis. This issue demands attention because where most pedestrian fatalities occur is important for every person in America. We must all take action while understanding the dynamics behind these tragic events.

Most pedestrian accidents occur due to preventable factors. By raising awareness and advocating for better safety measures, we can make a significant difference. Now, let’s dive into the data and figure out when do most pedestrian fatalities occur.

Dramatic Increase In Pedestrian Fatalities

Since 2010, the GHSA says pedestrian deaths have increased by 77%, compared to a 22% rise in all other traffic fatalities. This stark contrast highlights the vulnerability of pedestrians and the urgent need to address this growing problem. The GHSA report indicates that deaths of people walking have risen 14% since 2019, from 6,412 pedestrian fatalities to 7,318 in 2023. This spike underscores that most pedestrian fatalities occur under conditions that can and should be mitigated.

Contributing Factors To Pedestrian Accidents

A combination of factors creates this deadly situation for people walking on U.S. roadways. The GHSA points out that since the pandemic, states have seen a significant drop in traffic enforcement. Since 2020, less law enforcement has enabled dangerous driving behaviors – including speeding and driving impaired – to flourish. When enforcement is lax, drivers are more likely to engage in reckless behavior, increasing the risk of accidents.

Moreover, roads are largely designed to prioritize fast-moving vehicle traffic instead of slower speeds that are safer for people walking. This design flaw puts pedestrians at a disadvantage, making it more likely for accidents to happen. Most pedestrian accidents occur in areas where infrastructure like sidewalks, crosswalks, and proper lighting are lacking. These essential elements are crucial for pedestrian safety but are often missing in many parts of the country.

Vehicle Size & Design

The U.S. vehicle fleet is increasingly dominated by larger, heavier vehicles that are more likely to injure or kill people walking. These vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks, have higher front ends that can cause more severe injuries to pedestrians compared to smaller cars. As a result, most pedestrian accidents occur in scenarios involving these larger vehicles, contributing to the rising number of fatalities.

Pedestrian Safety In California

In California, the GHSA reports 2.71 pedestrian deaths per 100,000 people in 2023. Although not as high as other states, it’s a reminder of the dangers pedestrians face daily. With its diverse and densely populated cities, California exemplifies the need for better pedestrian infrastructure and stricter traffic enforcement. Most pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas where high foot traffic meets heavy vehicle flow, calling for more safety measures.

Lawmakers addressed the issue by passing Assembly Bill 413, also known as the “Daylighting Law.” The new law prohibits topping, standing, or parking a vehicle within 20 feet of any crosswalk. When do most pedestrian fatalities occur? Cluttered intersections near crosswalks are toward the top of the list. When drivers park cars and trucks too close to a crosswalk, it significantly reduces visibility for other approaching vehicles. This regulation is designed to increase visibility and reduce the risk of potentially lethal collisions.

California Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Victims of pedestrian accidents often find themselves in a vulnerable position, facing physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial burdens. At Deldar Legal, we understand the devastating impact these accidents can have on individuals and their families. Our team is dedicated to providing the support and legal expertise needed to navigate these challenging times.

We recognize that most pedestrian fatalities occur due to factors beyond the victims’ control. Whether it’s poor road design, lack of enforcement, or the prevalence of larger vehicles, pedestrians need to be safe. If you have been affected by a pedestrian accident, contact us at (844) 335-3271 to schedule a free consultation. Together, we can work towards a safer future for all pedestrians!

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