Construction Site Accidents: What To Do

Construction Site Accidents

Construction Industry’s ‘Fatal Four’

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. Between the amount of debris, heavy machinery, and materials used on these sites, construction accidents threaten the lives of workers throughout the state every day.

Unfortunately, with the number of construction projects ongoing throughout Los Angeles, those in our area are among the most at risk. As experienced construction site accident attorneys, Deldar Legal represents victims and their families in filing claims. If you or a loved one works in construction, it is important to be aware of the potentially life-threatening injuries that can result from what is referred to as the ‘fatal four.’

Four Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents and Injuries

According to statistics from the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), of the close to 115,000 work-related injuries that occur within the state each year, more than 10% impact workers in the construction field. Construction injuries in general tend to be serious, resulting in steep medical expenses and lost wages due to potentially permanent disabilities. In the most severe cases, personal injuries suffered can end up proving fatal.

The construction industry is known for having a high rate of job fatalities compared to other fields. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that injuries that occur on construction sites end up claiming the lives of over 5,000 people each year. These deaths can often be attributed to one of four common causes, known as construction’s ‘fatal four’:

  1. Fall-related accidents: These account for nearly 40% of all fatalities that occur in the construction industry each year. Working unprotected on ladders or performing tasks at heights without the proper scaffolding pose the biggest risks.
  2. Getting struck by objects: With all the materials and debris at construction sites, hard hats should be worn by all personnel and at all times. Even with this precaution, workers can get struck by tools, machinery, and falling objects, resulting in life-threatening injuries.
  3. Electrocutions: Working near live wiring and circuit breakers is a risk for electricians and other workers on construction sites. Poor planning, improper procedures for monitoring electrical currents, and lack of grounding contribute to fatal accidents.
  4. Getting caught in or between objects: Heavy machinery and transportation equipment pose risks for construction site workers. They can easily get caught in between these and other objects or materials on construction sites, causing fatal crushing injuries.

Reach Out to Our Construction Site Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

When fatal ladder accidents, scaffolding accidents, crane injuries, and other types of incidents happen on construction sites, Deldar Legal helps surviving family members get the compensation they are entitled to in a claim.

We know that no amount of money can make up for the loss of your loved one or ease the pain you are suffering. However, filing a claim can provide a sense of justice while ensuring you are provided for moving forward. To discuss your options and how we can help, reach out and contact our construction site accident attorneys in Los Angeles to request a consultation today.

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