What Choices Do You Have for Car Accident Injuries that Do Not Appear Right Away

What Choices Do You Have for Car Accident Injuries that Do Not Appear Right Away

When you are injured in a car accident, your first concern should be recuperation. Your recovery time will depend on the type of injury you sustained. This is because no two auto accidents or injuries are the same. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll suffer the same injuries as someone else in your situation. Accident victims occasionally don’t see the results of their injuries for a couple of days after the incident.

Often Car accident injuries do not appear right away. Injury symptoms can manifest over days, months, or even years. Your next concern may be how you will get a fair recovery for your injuries if this happens to you. Although you have a number of options for recovery, in this case, you must take specific steps to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. 

If you don’t see your injuries right away after a car accident, here’s what you should do.

When Do Car Accident Injuries Do Not Appear Right Away?

Car crashes are stressful events, and when you experience stress, your body produces endorphins and adrenaline. Consequently, even serious injuries may not be immediately apparent. Car accidents fall on a large spectrum. You have accidents that require immediate attention, possibly lifesaving aviation support, and then there are others accidents where people don’t even realize they’re in pain. 

Furthermore, tissue is rebuilt and infections are attacked by the body in order to heal. The response can cause swelling and inflammation that does not manifest until some time after an injury has occurred. Emotional healing can also occur as a result of an accident. It might take you a long time to realize the extent of your mental injury.

What Types of Car Accident Injuries Don’t Always Show up Right Away?

Almost nobody realizes they have chronic pain until a few weeks or months have passed. Moreover, nerve injuries may deteriorate over time, and organ damage may occur. As time passes, either you will realize the full extent of your pain or your body will compensate for the damages.

Other types of injury, like concussions and traumatic brain injuries, can manifest problems after the accident has occurred. Such injuries typically do not heal in a linear or predictable manner. The injuries of whiplash don’t always show up immediately. The pain and swelling associated with whiplash can worsen over time as the muscles become less mobilized.

A patient may not be able to see these injuries, and they may not appear on an X-ray. It’s important to consider some unique issues when dealing with injuries that don’t manifest for a while after an accident as you work to preserve your rights and present your claim for damages.

Is it Possible to Sue After the Statute of Limitations has Expired? 

Most auto accident claims must be filed within two years of the incident. Statutes of limitations govern this process. A two-year period generally starts on the date you get hurt. In the event that your injuries do not appear immediately, it is possible to bring your lawsuit under the discovery rule.

If you’re unaware of your injuries, or if a reasonable person would have discovered them in your situation, the two-year limit starts when the injury is discovered. It is your responsibility to detect your injuries with reasonable diligence. In case the injuries were not noticed by a reasonable person until after the California statute of limitations ends, you may have additional time to file the claim.

Getting Medical Attention

If you want to leverage California’s discovery rule in your favor, the best strategy is to demonstrate you weren’t aware of your injuries and could not have known them. Even if you do not feel any symptoms after your accident, you should see your doctor. The fact that you have a physician’s note indicating you haven’t been injured after the accident can be substantial evidence that you were reasonably diligent in looking for your injuries.

There’s a good chance that if you don’t see a physician, the other side will argue that he or she would have seen your injuries sooner if you had been taken to the doctor. Alternatively, they might claim that some other event occurred between the accident and when your injuries manifested. They might attribute your symptoms to that alleged event in order to avoid liability.

When you notice any symptoms after an accident, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. For best results, contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to file your claim within California time limits.

How Do You Proceed If Your Injuries Appear After Filing a Case?

As your case advances towards resolution, you may still have lingering injuries even if you file your claim within the legal deadlines. You should consult with your lawyer and experts if that’s the case for you in order to demonstrate to the court that your injury is ongoing.

Using the Deldar Legal Injury Lawyers and your medical expert, we can determine what your future prognosis will be, as well as how much pain and suffering you can expect in the future. If you are seeking a fair settlement or jury verdict, you can make use of this information.

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