Utility Truck Accidents Versus Semi-Truck Accidents

Utility Truck Accidents Versus Semi-Truck Accidents

A lot of vehicles, including utility trucks, interfere with California’s highways. The trucks provide both public and private companies with energy, water, internet service, construction equipment, and other services.

When a utility vehicle rear-ends you on the highway, what happens? Are they more liable than, say, a big rig trucking company? What if the truck belongs to the municipality?

Those are great questions, and our experienced lawyers at Deldar Legal Injury Attorneys are more than happy to answer them. We have assisted many of our clients by handling their utility truck accidents and by filing successful claims for compensation.

The Difference Between Typical Utility Trucks and Commercial Trucks

There are many similarities and differences between utility truck drivers and other truck drivers. All drivers in California are expected to follow traffic regulations and drive safely, just as everyone else does.

However, they often work for public utilities, commercial businesses, and contractors. Due to the nature of their profession, they are permitted to idle and park in places that are usually restricted. In this way, they’re similar to garbage trucks that are allowed to park in no-parking zones by regulation.

The reason utility truck drivers don’t need as much training and certification as, say, an airport bus driver is that they don’t transport passengers. Utility truck drivers, as a result, are subject to fewer rules and have a lesser degree of driving expertise than many other truck drivers on the road.

Utility trucks themselves are also classified as in-between vehicles. Trucks like these are generally larger than pickups or SUVs, but smaller than semi-trucks. In addition to extra lights and backup alerts, they’re required to be fitted with certain safety features like big rigs.

Types of Utility Trucks on the Road

California’s roads are home to hundreds of different kinds of utility trucks. This is a list of different types of utility trucks.

  • Telecommunications company trucks
  • The electric utility truck
  • Trucks carrying cable
  • Trucks of the water company
  • Mobile satellite and Internet service trucks
  • The garbage trucks
  • Trucks for recycling
  • Cranes and bulldozers used in construction
  • Vehicles that transport heavy equipment
  • Trucks for lawn care
  • The street cleaners

How Do I Handle a Collision With a Utility Truck?

The driver of a truck is not immune from making a mistake and causing an accident. Among the reasons for their reckless driving can be belligerent behavior, inebriation, or drug use. They could also simply make a driving error that results in injury.

You have the right to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses if you are involved in a collision with a utility truck. But getting the correct entity to accept responsibility isn’t always straightforward, and in some respects, it’s even more difficult than a private trucking company claim.

Utility trucks are often owned by local governments and government contractors to avoid costly accident claims. They’re also accustomed to being given some freedom because they’re providing much-needed public services.

It does not absolve the utility truck driver of responsibility for injuries caused by its actions. If you have been injured, you can file a lawsuit against any entity, public or private, responsible for the vehicle and the driver who hurt you.

Therefore, it’s crucial to accurately identify the truck owner and the driver. Once you’ve found out about their insurance company, you’ll want to find out how much coverage they have and whether it applies to your accident. Deldar Legal Injury Attorneys can assist you in this regard.

When a government entity is engaged in a personal injury accident in California, additional regulations apply. The statute of limitations for claims against governments is shorter, so you can’t wait too long to bring a claim or you’ll lose your chance.

Contact Deldar Legal Injury Attorneys right away, and we’ll assist you in determining who is responsible for your utility truck accident. Let’s put the blame where it belongs and get you the money you’re owed!


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