What is Your Right to Sue the City for Personal Injury?

What is Your Right to Sue the City for Personal Injury?

Nearly 30,000 people work in California.  You can sue the city for personal injury claims as with such a large number of workers, the city workers will suffer injury accidents from time to time. The question of liability arises in any event in which a city employee is injured, whether as a result of a car accident or construction site accident.

The process of pursuing a claim in one of these cases may share some components with other injury cases, but there are important distinctions to be aware of. Knowing your rights to compensation is critical if you are injured in an incident such as this. California law provides some information on suing a city for damages caused by personal injuries.

If You Have a Good Case, YES, You can Sue

It is generally true that you can sue a city if you are injured by one of their employees. Despite some conditions and exceptions, California law allows recovery from a city for the actions of its employees in most common cases, like auto accident claims and other negligence. If the city is involved in your injury claim, there are a few things to keep in mind.

States Allow Lawsuits Against the City in Some Cases

Each state sets its own rules for when it can be sued. According to this logic, the state is the king, and a king does not have to agree to be sued. The government is immune from suit under the concept of sovereign immunity.

Several legislators thought sovereign immunity was unfair to victims who had been injured because of city employees’ actions. This is why victims can sue government agencies, including cities, under California law. There are different rules for suing a city under the state.

The Claim Notice

The Notice of Claim is a one-of-a-kind feature of suing a city. This is a declaration that you give to the city formally. It enables them to evaluate compensating you for your losses without requiring you to file a formal lawsuit. You can obtain the form by visiting the California Risk Management Division or requesting one by phone. If you’re in an automobile accident with a city employee, you should be offered the paperwork by the city’s third-party insurance adjuster.

You need to provide all the necessary information about your claim if you are submitting the form. You must provide information about the accident and documentation of your damages. The declaration must be signed and truthful statements must be made. Your claim will then be reviewed by a city representative. You do not have to file a lawsuit to receive payment for your losses.

You must file a lawsuit before filing a claim like this in most states. Notice of claim is optional in California. Claim filing with the City of Los Angeles or any other city works in much the same way as filing a claim against the State of California. 

The claim forms are slightly different, and the claim is submitted to the city department instead of the state. It’s important to keep an eye on the statute of limitations as you wait for the city to review your claim. You must adhere to the two-year time limit, or you will lose your chance to recover completely.

Is It Better to Sue the City or the Responsible Employee?

When you sue a city, you need to decide who to name as a defendant. The law in California can be confusing on this issue. 

According to California law, however, you cannot recover a judgment from a city for actions taken outside the scope of the employee’s employment. When bringing a case against someone or something, it’s important to work carefully to make sure you are going after the right defendant. The Deldar Legal Injury Attorneys can help you select the right party to represent you in court.

Damages Limitations

For injury cases against cities, there are damage limitations. Typically, you can’t sue for more than $100,000. Interest is allowed only if the judgment is rendered after the judgment. In most cases, punitive or exemplary damages are not available.

The Limitations of Settlement

Settlements with a city in a personal injury case are governed by rules. It is not permissible to treat a settlement with a city as confidential; it must be made public. Moreover, it should clearly articulate whether the city will be responsible for attorney fees.

How Can I Get My Medical Bills Paid if I Sue the City?

The city doesn’t directly pay your medical bills even if it agrees to pay your claim. Your medical providers are still responsible for your losses no matter what the outcome of your case.

The city pays you for any medical bills and damages you suffer if you survive. Yet, you’re still responsible for your bills when they’re due.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind While Suing the City

In contrast to bringing a case against a private third party, bringing a case against a government entity can be slightly more complicated. There’s a chance that just a notice of claim could lead to a reasonable settlement.

Due to the large number of government officials involved in making decisions, lawsuits against a city often proceed slowly. You may want to consult with an attorney when bringing a claim against the city.

How Can An Attorney Help to Sue the City?

If you’re injured in an accident, you’re still liable for any losses, regardless of whether the responsible individual works for the city. In general, a city can be sued for compensation for personal injury. A personal injury lawyer at Deldar Legal Injury Attorneys is essential for bringing your case and advocating for your best interests because there are a few limitations and some special rules.


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