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If you have been involved in an accident, you may be overwhelmed with all of the new and uncertain events that happen next. You likely have to deal with treatment in the hospital, physical therapy, bills, missing out on work and family time, and much, much more. Thinking about asserting a legal claim on top of all of this is just too much to handle for some individuals. Knowing what to expect in the claims process in California can reduce much of the uncertainty and confusion. Working with an experienced Riverside personal injury attorney can also put your mind at ease. Below is a general outline of the claim process in the average personal injury claim in Riverside. 

Dealing with the Insurance Company

Depending on the type of accident you have endured, your first brush with the legal process may be in a conversation with an insurance claims adjuster. In car accidents, however, the claim process really starts when you report a collision. It is a good idea to always report a car accident, even if it is minor. In fact, California law requires you to report a car accident that involves more than $1,000 in property damage or if anyone was injured or killed.

An insurance claims adjuster will likely start attempting to contact you shortly after the accident, often while you are still recovering from your injuries. He or she will want to take your statement to get your side of the story regarding the incident and your injuries. What you say to the adjuster at this point can affect the rest of your case, so do not take this conversation lightly. In fact, it is a good idea to speak with a personal injury attorney before the insurance company takes your statement.

Some insurance companies will offer you a small settlement amount right off the bat. It is usually in your best interest not to take this offer and talk to a lawyer about your options first.

The Initial Investigation

Most legal claims start with an informal attempt to work out the case. This type of negotiation helps avoid the time and expense of asserting a formal complaint. During this process, the attorney will also investigate your claim your potential legal remedies or “causes of action.”

He or she will review your medical records, as well as statutes and case law that would be applicable or similar to your situation. Once he or she has considered everything, the lawyer will send out a demand on your behalf. This demand is based on what the attorney thinks your claim is worth if it went to trial.

Starting Your Lawsuit

When informal efforts do not produce favorable results, then an accident victim will file a lawsuit. Once you have filed, the defendants must then answer your claim. Next, the parties will engage in discovery. They will request documents and information to develop your claim and their defenses. The entire process can take several months and even years in complicated cases.

Only a small percentage of cases will ever go to trial, but it is essential to have a trial attorney on your side who can work up your case for you. Deldar Legal can help. Contact our experienced Riverside personal injury attorneys today to discuss your legal options.

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