Medical Malpractice a Common Cause of Personal Injuries

Medical Malpractice a Common Cause of Personal Injuries

Medical Malpractice a Common Cause of Personal Injuries

Medical Malpractice a Common Cause of Personal Injuries

You trust your doctor and other medical professionals to provide the care you and your loved ones need when injured or ill. In too many cases, this trust ends up misplaced. Medical errors and mistakes are a common cause of serious personal injuries and deaths throughout California and the United States. This article explains how common this problem is, the types of errors that often occur, and what you can do if you or a loved one has been a medical malpractice victim.

Medical Errors a Leading Cause of Death and Disability 

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine made headlines several years ago. They found that medical errors and mistakes had become so common that they were now the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Their conclusions were based on studies over eight years. That study found that roughly 10% of all deaths could be attributed to the negligence of doctors and other medical providers. Because of this negligence, as many as 250,000 people die each year. This makes medical malpractice the same as heart disease and cancer in terms of lives claimed.

Unfortunately, since that study was released, little has changed in the medical field. Few people are even aware that the problem exists. Most of us trust that our medical providers are looking out for our best interests. The evidence clearly shows this trust is misplaced. Inattention, lack of oversight, and poor communication with patients and other providers are among the factors to blame for the following types of dangerous mistakes:

  • Misdiagnosis, resulting in delays in treatment;
  • Surgical errors, such as confusing patient procedures or leaving sponges and other foreign objects in the patient;
  • Anesthesia errors, in which patients are given too much, too little, or are not screened for allergies;
  • Medication errors, where patients are given the wrong medicine or the wrong amount;
  • Healthcare-associated infections, caused by poor sterilization practices on the part of providers or hospital employees.

What to do if you Suspect Medical Errors?

Other common problems are medical device issues, birth injuries, and quality of care impacting nursing home patients. When these and other medical mistakes or errors are made, you may be entitled to compensation in a claim.

One of the first steps you need to take is to contact our medical malpractice attorneys at Deldar Legal. We can investigate your claim and help gather medical records, statements from your providers, and other evidence needed to prove your case. Under California law, you may be entitled to damages for medical costs, lost wages, and for pain and suffering you or your loved ones endured as a result.

Contact Our California Medical Malpractice Attorneys Today

Unfortunately, medical providers are notorious for covering their tracks, and insurance companies fight to avoid paying medical malpractice claims. To protect your rights to compensation, reach out and contact our California medical malpractice attorneys to schedule a consultation today.

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