Dog Bite Case: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Dog Bite Case: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

In the United States alone, approximately 800,000 people are bitten by dogs to the point that they require medical treatment each year. Most often, these dog bites are associated with children and postal workers. Because dog bites are so prevalent, there are several personal injury cases based on dog bites. Additionally, dog bite victims have a greater chance of making a mistake that adversely affects their legal rights.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Dog Bite Case

Victims and their loved ones sometimes make these 5 mistakes when dealing with dog bites, including:

Refusing to Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

Many dog bite victims believe they weren’t as bad as they thought the bite would be. In contrast, many people who have been bitten by a dog cannot be convinced that they have not been infected with rabies. Additionally, bacteria in a dog’s mouth can cause dangerous diseases that can spread throughout the body.

As soon as a bite victim seeks medical treatment, medical professionals can help heal the open wound. Having been bitten by a dog, you should visit the emergency room immediately following the attack to establish a link between the injury and the bite, as well as to gain evidence that supports the claim.

Failure to Report Dog Bite Injury

It is possible for some people to be so traumatized by a dog bite that they forget to call the police or animal control. There may be a dog owner who begs the victim not to inform animal control or the police, promising they will cover all medical bills only to back out later. Informing authorities will allow the incident to be documented.

Many states also cover statutory damages for bite injuries. Once the authorities are notified, it is possible to launch an investigation to determine who is responsible for the matter.

Providing an Insurance Company with a Statement

A good adjuster knows how to obtain information from claimants and use it against them. They are paid to reduce the insurance company’s costs to the maximum. Often insurers claim they need recorded statements so they can use them as justification for refusing claims.

Taking No Photographic Evidence of Dog Bite case Injuries

In most cases, the dog bite has healed by the time the case is settled or taken to a jury. Medical information may not be sufficient to fully comprehend the full extent of an injury for others. By looking at photos of the animal bite injuries, jurors can envision how much suffering was caused as a result of the animal bite. 

Injuries and their healing phases can be documented with photos to help the jury or adjuster understand how long it took to heal the injuries.

Being Unable to Find Competent Legal Representation

Most dog bite victims attempt to settle their claims on their own, without consulting a lawyer. In many cases, this is a major mistake. Insurance firms are accustomed to avoiding paying claims or settling claims for less than their true value.

In addition, people without legal representation generally have no bargaining power when dealing with professional negotiators. While they may think they are getting a good deal with a settlement offer, they may not realize how much they have suffered.

Accident victims are frequently persuaded by insurance companies to settle their claims before they are aware of the full extent of injuries and damages. This can lead to a person accepting a settlement that is less than fair and just recompense.

An experienced dog bite injury lawyer is crucial when seeking legal assistance. It is important for him or her to be familiar with local animal bite laws and the factors determining culpability. An attorney can handle interactions with insurers and also facilitate fair settlements. A personal injury lawyer may represent the client in court if the insurance company refuses to settle fairly.

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