Can Distracted Walking Have Legal Repercussions?

Can Distracted Walking Have Legal Repercussions?

Drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians injured by distracted walkers in California are entitled to compensation if they caused the accident. Criminal charges in California can impose damages and hold the individual fully responsible.

Incidents Involving Distracted Walking

Nowadays, pedestrians are more likely to pay attention to their phones than to cars. There is a possibility that this issue doesn’t exist in smaller towns, but in larger cities, distracted walkers can cause traffic pileups and serious accidents for motorists.

Texting or playing a game while crossing the street or walking by the side of the road can cause a serious accident. There are many pedestrians who are unaware that they are contributing to accidents until after they are injured or have barely escaped and have experienced trauma.

In some states, the inattentive driver can be held entirely responsible for an accident, and the victim is entitled to compensation for his losses. Depending on the circumstances, a lawsuit may be filed or a settlement meeting may be initiated by the insurance company covering the pedestrian or a lawyer who may hold the pedestrian responsible for compensation as if the incident were an auto accident.

Litigation repercussions are greater when more damages are incurred. A driver who suffers personal injury and property damage solely due to the pedestrian might be given thousands of dollars to the injured party’s medical expenses.

The Consequences to the Individual

An inattentive pedestrian can cause personal harm, trauma, and loss if they walk while distracted. A person who is distracted by music, a cell phone, or another electronic device may cause an accident without even realizing it.

The walker is often traumatized after experiencing these personal effects and may need therapy once the incident has passed. Due to damage, trauma, and other effects, the distracted walker may need the same amount of healing time as other victims of the collision.

Penalties for Distracted Walking

There are now varying levels of restrictions on the use of cell phones by pedestrians. As a result of these distractions, there are fines and other penalties for failing to pay attention to traffic because it endangers pedestrians and drivers alike. There are some states that make it illegal to text while walking.

The penalty increases with each infringement. The fines start at $100 and increase to $200, $500, and eventually $1,000 for the second and third offenses. If distractions are classified as major infractions in your state, you might face harsher penalties.

There are Exceptions to Every Law

A person can avoid texting fines in several circumstances, such as when dialing 911 or making an emergency call, or when they need to contact someone. On the other hand, many states fail to recognize the same trend of hazards and safety issues associated with distracted walking, and they do not impose fines or impose other legal penalties for such behavior. This means that law enforcement in these states will not stop pedestrians.

In the event that the inattentive walker causes a collision or injures others, the above legal sanctions still apply. Despite these problems, pedestrians may be held responsible for these accidents and be able to recover damages sustained during the encounter. Thereafter, it is up to the lawyer to make a convincing case for these issues.

How Can An Attorney Help In Distracted Walking Case?

A person injured by a distracted walker may be able to sue this person for their injuries. When an accident causes an injury, the lawyer hired for the case may be able to present a valid argument that could aid the victim in collecting compensation. Deldar Legal Injury Attorneys in California can assist you in this regard.

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