Can An Infected Dog Bite Wound be Complicated?

Can An Infected Dog Bite Wound be Complicated?

Infected dog bites are a common occurrence in California. Across the U.S., there are more than 4.5 million cases of dog bites every year. A few cases of dog bites are severe, but most are mild. If you contract an infection following a bite, your life may be at stake.

An infection occurs when an external agent enters the human body. Although many infections are treatable with medicines, there are some that are more difficult to treat. Although you may seek medical attention immediately, a dog bite infection can still result in a range of complications. Some of these complications include:

Infected Dog Bite Condition of Sepsis 

An infected dog bite is combated by your immune system in several ways. Your immune system releases chemicals at the infection site to fight it. In some cases, these chemicals may cause edema. Swelling may reduce the amount of blood flowing through your body. Blockages in arteries can also result in sepsis. Sepsis is a potentially fatal condition.

Condition of Bacteremia 

Many dogs have bacteria in their saliva. Additionally, you may find microorganisms on your skin near a bite wound. Bloodstream infections, such as bacterial infections, result from bacteria entering the bloodstream. When it comes to dog bites, things can go wrong in a variety of ways. As a starting point, the infected dog bite might be deep enough to destroy a vein or artery. It is also possible for bacteria to enter the circulatory system via blood vessels and capillaries during healing.

Condition of Septic Shock

Severe sepsis may cause your body’s organs to shut down. A malfunctioning organ could jeopardize your life, of course. Septic shock can cause your blood pressure to drop if you do not receive immediate medical care. Therefore, doctors may have to maintain your life with medical technology, such as a ventilator.

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