Arbitration In California: What Should You Know

Arbitration In California

Why do Car Accident Cases Go Through Arbitration in California?

Arbitration in California for car accident injury victims in California may feel limiting in some ways. Pursuing a claim through traditional court proceedings may seem like a significant undertaking when trying to recover from your physical, mental, and emotional injuries.

Our team of car accident lawyers in San Francisco get it. We meet with clients who prefer to use the public court system, while other cases are well-suited for alternative dispute resolution methods.

One resolution opportunity available to plaintiffs is known as arbitration. Let us take a closer look at what the process is like:

What is Car Accident Arbitration In California?

Parties to disputes regarding insurance settlements may elect to enter into a process known as car accident arbitration. It is a less formal setting that brings you, the insurance company, and your respective attorneys together to attempt settling the case outside of court.

Who Oversees the Arbitration In California Process?

The legal professional that oversees the process is known as an arbitrator. He or she is a neutral third-party who decides the outcome of the discussions. It is a process that can work for or against you, similar to litigation before a judge.

How Long Does it Take to Complete Car Accident Arbitration In California?

Injury cases can use car accident arbitration to investigate and process the evidence exchanged during the discovery phase. The good news is that arbitration takes less time than a traditional judge or jury trial.

A typical arbitration timeline can take around three months to reach a final decision. However, it is possible that a decision can arrive sooner than that. Your car accident arbitration goes through the following stages:

  • Legal filings that conform with civil procedure
  • Vetting and hiring an arbitrator
  • Exchanging evidence between the parties
  • The hearing and argument process
  • Issuance of the arbitrator’s final decision

Every stage takes up to 30 days to finalize. You cannot appeal the outcome of the arbitration process. His or her final decision is legally binding. In cases where you do not reach an agreement, you can proceed by filing your claims with the court. You also have the option of repeating the arbitration process.

How Does the Car Accident Arbitration Process Work?

There are a few points upon which you and the other party must agree to before entering arbitration. First, you both must decide upon which arbitrator you are hiring to oversee the process.

Once the arbitration kicks off, the chosen arbitrator listens to statements, testimony, and arguments from both sides. He or she also analyzes evidence and then issues a final decision that is lawfully enforceable.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in San Francisco, CA to Oversee Your Arbitration

The team at Deldar Legal relentlessly pursues claims against negligent parties who caused injuries to you or your loved one. You can schedule a free case review with one of our experienced car accident lawyers in San Francisco, CA today. Contact our office by telephone at (844) 335-3271 or by sending us a message through our request form.

Can I Sue My Child’s School for Playground Accident Injuries?

As our little ones return to school, that means it is back to reading, writing, and recess. Recess is every kid’s favorite time of the time, and it is likely he or she spends much time on the playground. While most kids play without disruption, injury is always a possibility.

Most schools and daycare centers probably required you to sign a liability waiver related to use of playground equipment. These waivers aim to protect the school and their administrators from the responsibility of injuries to students.

If your child was injured in a playground accident, speaking with a playground accident lawyer in Sacramento, CA can help you determine if you have a case. Here are a few additional points to consider below:

When are Liability Waivers Enforceable on Playground Equipment?

Courts tend to side with the enforceability of liability waivers. However, they must meet particular elements and limit themselves to a lawful extent.

First, they must be clear and concise concerning the terms and conditions of liability. Ambiguous language and unnecessary fine print may negate their effects.

Second, California laws limit liability waivers to ordinary negligence, which means that you can still sue when the nature of the case involves recklessness and illegal acts.

Understanding the Role of Negligence

Negligence is when a person or entity does not meet a duty of reasonable care that provides a reasonably safe environment when others are present. For example, a piece of playground equipment with a sharp edge keeps injuring students. The school might be liable for negligent injuries due to the reckless nature of not remedying the situation.

Who do I Sue for My Child’s School Playground Injuries?

The responsibility of playground injuries tends to fall on the shoulders of school administrators, educators, and other supervising parties. These individuals are responsible for the day-to-day care of your child. Therefore, they are the ones to pursue under this type of claim.

Manufacturers may be liable under a premises liability claim. It is reasonable to expect that their equipment can operate safely under the normal wear-and-tear of a school playground.

Next Steps to Take After Your Child’s School Playground Accident

Once your child is home from the hospital, you are likely curious to determine if the school is responsible for the medical bills and future treatment, if necessary. The best way to determine if the liability waiver is enforceable in your case, you can speak with an attorney to apply legal advice to your case during an initial consultation.

Schedule a Free Case Review with a Playground Accident Lawyer in Sacramento, CA

At Deldar Legal, your child has a right to a safe environment while enjoying the fresh air and playtime with friends. Our playground accident lawyers in Sacramento, CA pursue claims on behalf of parents with injured children. Schedule a free case review with our office by phone at (844) 335-3271 or by sending us a message through our request form.

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