Can a Pedestrian be at Fault for a Car Accident?

Car crashes can be deadly

Can a Pedestrian be at Fault for a Car Accident in California?

Pedestrian accidents in California can cause catastrophic injuries and even death. Distracted, negligent driving is often the cause of pedestrian accidents in spite of traffic signals and crosswalks. Pedestrians may find themselves in the hospital when encountering drivers who are not watching the road.

We often assume that the pedestrian always has the right of way, but this is not always the case from a legal standpoint. There is the possibility that the pedestrian may be at partial or total fault, especially when distracted driving is not a factor.

If you have been in a car accident as a pedestrian or motorist, remember that speaking to a pedestrian accident lawyer in Los Angeles, CA is the best way to apply legal knowledge to your specific situation. Let us look at some general information about negligence regarding pedestrian accidents in California:

Understanding the California Comparative Negligence Doctrine

When a car hits a pedestrian, there is typically a vehicle accident report completed by law enforcement. Insurance companies do not require a police report to file a claim. However, it does add one more layer of verification regarding the overall details of the accident from the viewpoint of a police officer.

The police report also outlines who caused the accident. The officer writing the report also has the option of assigning fault based on each party’s contribution to the crash. For example, imagine a pedestrian walking around in black clothes in the middle of the night who suddenly darts out into traffic and is hit by a vehicle.

Is it fair to place 100% of the blame on a sober driver exhibiting no signs of distracted driving?

In many cases, California assigns fault based on comparative negligence that considers each party’s actions. This doctrine means that a pedestrian or driver can assume total or shared responsibility based on the circumstances. Comparative negligence can also affect compensation from insurance claims, settlements, and lawsuits.

Working with a Pedestrian Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

As a pedestrian or motorist involved in a collision, the law does not require you to hire an attorney since it is within your rights to represent yourself. However, it is not advisable to go against insurance companies and other legal teams on your own. Hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer licensed to practice in California is the most efficient way to maximize your claim against the other parties involved.

Find an Attorney that Takes Contingency Payments

Most people wonder how others seem to come up with thousands of dollars to hire the best lawyers in California. The way they accomplish this is by hiring a contingency fee lawyer. If this option is available, a contingency fee lawyer takes a reasonable percentage of the total monetary compensation earned from your case.

Basically, your attorney does not get paid until you do.

Consider Hiring Deldar Legal

At Deldar Legal, our team of pedestrian accident lawyers works tirelessly to make sure families and injured people receive the compensation they deserve on contingency fee agreements. You can schedule a free consultation in one of our offices located throughout the state by calling (844) 335-3271 or sending us a message through our request form.

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