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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Metrolink Accidents

In states like California that have many different large cities, public transportation is usually a good way for people to get around. The state’s Metrolink train system covers the vast majority of Southern California with over 534 miles of rail network. Many see the train as a safer alternative than a bus or plane due to the strict regulations, but the Metrolink has been involved in several high-profile accidents over the past several years. A 2005 crash in Glendale killed 11 people after a Metrolink train hit a truck, and a 2008 crash in Chatsworth saw 25 people pass away after a passenger car hit a Union Pacific freight train. If you have been injured in a Los Angeles Metrolink accident , you should talk with a skilled Los Angeles Metrolink accident attorney about your options.

After the accidents, Metrolink staff embarked on a campaign to improve public confidence in the rail system and ensure that safety standards were being met. Despite the efforts, ridership has continued to drop by about 500,000 people each year since 2008.  

An accident on the Metrolink can result in significant physical and emotional trauma. Here’s a list of five things that might not be apparent about Los Angeles Metrolink accidents.

  • Positive Train Control Could Have Prevented Chatsworth Crash: The Metrolink system was the first in the country to implement a GPS-based computer tracking system to override engineers and stop a train if an accident is incoming. Experts said the system would have prevented the Chatsworth train accident if installed.
  • California Ranks High for Railroad Crossing Accidents: In 2015, the state’s rate of railroad crossing incidents was #2 in the nation. Experts at the time said rail infrastructure across California was still in rough shape and needed extensive repair.
  • Energy Management Technology Has Saved Lives in Crashes: According to officials, more people would have been injured after a 2015 Metrolink crash with a truck if the train was not equipped with crash technology that dispersed impact energy in the cab and across three passenger cars.
  •  The Metrolink Is One of the Nation’s Most Dangerous Systems: Analysis updated in 2017 listed the Metrolink as the commuter rail system with the third highest number of deaths, despite having the seventh highest ridership in the country. Overall, the Metrolink has had 99 deaths on their trains since 1998.
  • Failing Traffic Lights Were Thought to Have Led to Chatsworth Crash: Metrolink engineer Robert M. Sanchez was found to have been sending numerous text messages while operating the passenger train that was involved in the Chatsworth accident. Later, the investigation also found that Sanchez might have missed a red light even if he was focused on the tracks because it was poorly illuminated and low-quality.  

If you or someone you love has been involved in a Metrolink accident, an experienced accident attorney can assist in potentially getting compensation for injury or loss. A lawyer will also help in navigating the mechanics of filing a case after an accident and will be able to draw on their experience with federal and California train law to offer pertinent advice and council. Schedule a consult with the experienced Los Angeles Metrolink accident attorneys at Deldar Legal today to discuss your legal options.

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