Vacuum Cleaner Recall Alert – Oreck Discover Upright Vacuum

Attention vacuum cleaner users: a significant recall has been issued that might affect your household’s cleaning appliance. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recently announced a recall concerning the Oreck Discover Upright Vacuum cleaners. This recall raises critical safety concerns that consumers should be immediately aware of. Deldar Legal is committed to providing the latest information on product safety and offering legal assistance to those impacted by defective products.

Vacuum Cleaner Recall Details

The recall specifically targets approximately 6,200 units of the Oreck Discover Upright Vacuum. If you purchased your vacuum between September 2022 and September 2023, it might be part of this recall. These vacuums are silver and black with “Oreck” and ‘Discover” printed on the front. The model and serial numbers are printed on a silver label at the bottom of the device. The vacuum cleaner recall includes the following models:

  • UK30500
  • UK30500PC
  • AJ2226
  • AJ2227
  • AJ2228
  • AJ2229
  • AJ2230
  • AJ2231
  • AJ2232

These units were available for around $600 at independent Oreck dealers nationwide and online at various retailers including Acme Tools, Amazon, Home Depot, and This vacuum cleaner recall emphasizes the importance of monitoring the products we use daily for potential hazards!

Safety Concerns

The primary safety concern prompting this recall is an electrical hazard. The electric cord plug prong of these vacuum models can detach and remain in an electrical outlet when the vacuum is unplugged, posing a significant electrical shock hazard to users. Although no injuries have been reported, Oreck has received 41 reports of the prong detaching from its plug. For those who have one of these models, it’s crucial to stop using the vacuum cleaner immediately and follow the recall procedures. Remember, your safety should always be a priority!

Consumer Response

If you own one of these vacuums, you should immediately cease using it and contact Oreck for a free repair. Oreck is offering consumers instructions on how to obtain this repair to ensure the safety and functionality of their vacuum cleaners. To find your nearest Oreck dealer for assistance, visit the “Find Your Local Store” section on Oreck’s website. Taking these steps can prevent potential injuries and ensure that your appliance is safe for use.

At Deldar Legal, we understand the seriousness of product recalls and the implications they can have on consumer safety. Our team specializes in product liability and consumer protection law, and we are here to assist anyone who may have been adversely affected by this vacuum cleaner recall. If you or someone you know has experienced injuries or other issues related to this recalled product, our legal experts are prepared to provide the necessary support and guidance to navigate through these challenges.

Product recalls, especially those involving everyday household items like vacuum cleaners, are a reminder of the importance of staying informed about the products we use. It’s crucial to understand your rights and the steps you can take if you’re injured.

Final Thoughts

The recall of the Oreck Discover Upright Vacuum is a significant event that highlights the ongoing need for vigilance regarding product safety. If you have one of these models, we urge you to follow the vacuum cleaner recall instructions step-by-step. For any legal concerns or questions related to this recall, please feel free to contact Deldar at (844)335-3271. Our team is here to provide expert legal assistance and ensure your rights are protected!

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