CPSC Issues Costco Power Bank Recall On Nearly 600,000 Units

Costco power bank recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announces a major Costco power bank recall. The recall, which goes into effect immediately, covers approximately 576,000 portable phone chargers sold exclusively at Costco stores and on Costco.com. These chargers pose significant fire and burn hazards due to overheating issues. Deldar Legal has all the latest news and information you need to know!

Costco Power Bank Recall Details

The “MyCharge Power Hub All-in-One” chargers were available between January 2022 and November 2023. So far, the CPSC has received 120 reports of these chargers overheating. MyCharge, the manufacturer, documented two cases of residential fires. These fires resulted in property damage of around $165,000. Thankfully, no injuries requiring medical attention have been reported.

The recalled chargers are black. They feature two attached cables for charging electronic devices. They also include retractable wall prongs for recharging the power bank itself. The front of the device has the “MyCharge” logo. The model number is printed on the back. The date code is on the outer surface of the wall prong.

Fire Hazards

The main hazard is overheating during charging. This poses a significant risk of fire and burns. Incidents reported include melting, expanding, sparking, smoking, burning, and even exploding. These severe reactions show the urgent need to stop using the product.

Furthermore, when children and pets are present, the risk increases. Kids might be curious and touch the overheating charger, leading to burns. Pets could chew on the charger, potentially causing it to spark or catch fire. In addition, faulty chargers can emit toxic fumes when they overheat or catch fire, posing respiratory risks to everyone in the household.

If you own one, consumers should take immediate action:

  • Stop Using the Product – Cease using the recalled chargers right away.
  • Contact MyCharge – Reach out for a free replacement charger.
  • Proper Disposal – Do not dispose of recalled batteries in the trash or standard recycling boxes. Follow local and state ordinances. Use municipal recycling centers for proper disposal.

Recalled lithium-ion batteries need special disposal. Follow local and state guidelines. Consult your municipal recycling center for safe disposal. This avoids environmental and safety risks. In general, the recall shares several similarities with recent e-bike battery recalls. Both involve lithium-ion batteries with multiple incidents of fires breaking out.

Moreover, both situations have prompted swift actions from manufacturers and safety commissions to mitigate dangers, including issuing recalls and offering replacements, emphasizing the critical need for consumer awareness and safety protocols in handling and disposing of these batteries.

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Product recalls highlight the importance of consumer safety. If you experienced property damage or injury due to these chargers or any defective product, Deldar can help. Our team handles product liability cases. We ensure consumers receive compensation because our California defective products attorneys are the best in the industry. There is no shortcut for compassionate and effective legal representation. If you need assistance, contact us at (844) 335-3271. We are ready to support you!

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