You May Need A Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyer

Who is at Fault in a Municipal Bus Accident?

Mass transit services are actually one of the safest ways that you can travel. While accidents are rare, they can be serious and involve a larger number of people than the average car accident. However, the individuals most likely to be injured in a municipal bus accident are actually those in other vehicles. Buses are much larger than the average passenger car, which means that when a collision occurs, the injuries and damage may be severe. In those situations, it’s a good idea to involve a Los Angeles bus accident lawyer.

Fault in a Municipal Bus Accident: The Basics

Fault arises in a bus accident just as it would in any other type of collision. If the bus driver is careless or makes a mistake that leads to an accident, he or she is likely to be considered “at-fault” for the crash. An at-fault driver will usually be legally responsible for your injuries and damages.

What makes bus accidents different is that they often involve governmental entities. When the bus is owned and operated by the state or a local government, it can make the case much more challenging. There are very specific notice deadlines and requirements that apply to this type of Defendant. In addition, there may be some circumstances where the state or local government may be immune to your personal injury lawsuit. Getting a Los Angeles bus accident lawyer will be very important in these types of cases.

Proving Fault 

You can show that the bus driver was at fault using a variety of methods. There is a wide range of circumstances that would contribute to a collision, including:

  • Poor training or lack of experience
  • Driving while tired or impaired (drugs and alcohol)
  • Problems with loading (improper loading or overloading)
  • Poor maintenance of bus equipment
  • Distraction or using a cell phone while driving

The specific reason that the accident occurred will dictate what kind of evidence you should gather. In some situations, the bus driver’s testimony will be the most important information in your case because he or she may specifically admit the reason the accident occurred. In other cases, witness statements may be critical. If, for example, a passenger saw the driver using his cell phone to check his email just before the accident, this would be vital information that could prove fault in your case.

Some cases may require that you use experts that have experience reconstructing accidents and determining why they occurred. Police reports can also be valuable, particularly if they provide an officer’s opinion as to why the crash took place.

Get Legal Help for Your Bus Accident Claim

Although there are some unique procedural aspects of municipal bus cases, actually gathering information and evidence is very similar to a standard car accident. Your Los Angeles bus accident attorney will be vital for this process. Keep in mind that very strict deadlines might apply to your case. Contact the experienced Los Angeles bus accident lawyers at Deldar Legal today for more information about getting started with your bus accident claim.

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