Who Is Liable for a Boating Accident in California?

Who Is Liable for a Boating Accident in California?

Who Is Liable for a Boating Accident in California?

California’s beautiful weather is conducive to enjoy boating year-round. However, a fun gathering on the water can take a sharp turn toward tragedy when a boating accident occurs. Boating accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and death. If you sustained injuries in a boating accident, discussing the details with a boating accident lawyer in Los Angeles, California could provide insight into a potential claim that you might have for damages. Your attorney will look for signs of negligence on behalf of the other party and help you put forth your best case for compensation.

The following are a few scenarios that can lead to boat accident claims against a negligent boat operator in California:

Collisions on the Water

Like cars on roadways, boats can sometimes collide with one another. The likelihood and severity of the accident increases in tandem with speed, conditions, and the events leading up to the accident. Injuries incurred in boating accidents are often quite significant and may even result in death.

Courts can assign liability depending upon the circumstances of the case. Speed, driving under the influence, and distracted boating are frequently contributing factors in boating collisions.

Wakes Caused by Speed Boats

Waves are a feature of natural bodies of water. Boats passing over the surface at high speeds leave trails behind them known as ‘wakes.’ Wakes carry a lot of energy and volume, which means that they can cause a boat to turn, capsize, or crash if it collides with them.

The other boat operator may be liable for your injuries if he or she is driving recklessly or speeding through a no-wake zone. This type of behavior is negligent and may open the individual up to liability for your injury claims.

Not Keeping Proper Safety Equipment on Board

A boat operator or driver might be liable for a boating accident injury if the watercraft does not reasonably keep safety equipment on board.

Here are a few critical items to have available in case of emergency:

  • Life preservers and jackets
  • Flare guns
  • First-aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Horns or whistles

Indeed, these items cannot directly prevent an accident. However, a jury or insurance company may assert that these items are essential and contributed to the injuries you sustained. A person’s failure to provide safety equipment is a form of negligence if proven.

Proving Negligence in Boat Accident Liability

Injuries caused by a boating accident can change your life, health, and finances forever. Hiring an attorney means that you have someone in your corner who is ready to strategize and fight for your rights. One way in which your lawyer accomplishes this is by presenting evidence that the defendant negligently caused the boat crash that led to your damages.

Consider Working with Deldar Legal

At Deldar Legal, our boating accident lawyers in Los Angeles, California work tirelessly to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. You can schedule a no-obligation consultation in one of our offices conveniently located throughout California by phone at (844) 335-3271 or by sending us a note about your situation through our request form.

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