Injuries on a Cruise Ship; Who is Responsible?

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney If I Get Injured on a Cruise Ship?

Who is Responsible for My Injuries on a Cruise Ship?

A victim of a cruise ship injury caused by negligence may be eligible to file a claim against the cruise company. However, not all damages qualify as recoverable in the courtroom if a judge determines the cruise line is not responsible. Therefore, your California personal injury lawyer must prove that staff or conditions negligently caused your accident.

Depending upon the nature of your accident, your legal claim against a cruise ship company will allege negligence. Here are a few ways in which they may be liable for your injuries:

Staircase Fall Liability

Multi-level cruise liners have many staircases located throughout the ships. It is not uncommon for passengers to trip down a flight of stairs and blame their own clumsiness. However, further inspection of the premises may reveal that poorly maintained or poorly lit stairways are to blame.

While it may be difficult to do so immediately following a fall down the stairs, try to take photographs of the scene and anything that contributed to your accident. Aside from eyewitness testimony, photos are a concrete form of evidence that you can present to the court.

Slip and Fall Accident Liability

Another common accident associated with cruise ships is slipping and falling in common areas. Slip and fall accidents often occur on the deck due to the presence of water. Passengers run around after swimming in the pool and maintenance members swab the decks. It is nearly impossible to keep the ship’s surface dry.

While it makes sense that water exists top-side, the cruise ship company must ensure the safety of passengers. This duty includes providing non-slip surfaces where water usually is present. Alternatively, personnel must post signage that warns passengers about dangerous areas.

Failure to provide proper walking surfaces and visible warning signs means that the cruise liner may be responsible for your slip and fall accident. Please do not assume that you caused it. There may be contributing factors that were not your fault.

Trip and Fall Accident Liability

There are plenty of hazards on a cruise ship that can cause you to trip and fall while enjoying your vacation. Doorway thresholds are usually the source. A threshold is a feature that juts up from the floor inside a doorway.

Now, in all fairness, ships must have thresholds to keep them airtight. However, cruise ship managers must alert passengers to the existence of doorway thresholds. The reason for this requirement is that passengers do not expect them to be there.

Management’s failure to provide adequate signage and lighting may constitute negligence under a personal injury claim in California.

Speak with a California Personal Injury Lawyer for Clarity

Every injury claim is unique. Attorneys have the education and experience to spot the likelihood of your case prevailing in court. Cruise ship accident liability may be difficult to prove, but having the right legal team on your side can provide the best result possible.

Consider Hiring Deldar Legal

Cruise ship injury liability is a complex area of the law. At Deldar Legal, our team of California personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to make sure families and injured people receive the compensation they deserve. You can schedule a free consultation in one of our offices located throughout California by calling (844) 335-3271 or sending us a message through our request form.

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