When Do You Need A Big Rig Accident Attorney?

Big Rig Accident Attorney

Five Common Causes of Big Rig Accidents

Accidents involving 18-wheelers, tractor trailers, and other big rigs can have a major impact on others on the roads. As the massive size and weight of these vehicles protects the truck driver, it is often other motorists who suffer the most severe injuries. At Deldar Legal, our big rig accident lawyers in Riverside, CA help victims and their families get the compensation they are entitled to in a claim. By conducting thorough accident investigations, we work to determine whether the driver, the trucking company, or truck mechanics and parts manufacturers are ultimately to blame.

Common Reasons for Big Rig Accidents

According to statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), more than 115,000 big rig accidents happened in 2017, a number which has steadily increased over the past several years. The following are the five most common causes:

Reckless Driving 

Speeding and going too fast for conditions is a common problem among all types of drivers on roads in Riverside. In fact, the California Office of Traffic Safety reports that the county ranks third in the state when it comes to speed-related motor vehicle accidents. When truckers engage in this type of behavior, the results can be disastrous. Other dangerous activities that increase big rig accident risks including tailgating, improper passing, failure to yield, and driving while distracted or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medications.

Lack of Experience 

With their massive size and bulk, It takes knowledge, skills, and years worth of experience to navigate a big rig safety. Parking, backing up to unload cargo, making turns, maneuvering around curves in the road, and driving in adverse weather can all prove challenging. When trucking companies fail to properly vet employees or fail to provide appropriate training, it increases truck accident risks.

Improper Loading

Failing to adequately load and secure cargo can cause dangerous spills, which impact other motorists as well as the general public. Uneven loads can cause truckers to lose control and increase the risk of overturn accidents.

Mechanical Failures 

18-wheelers, tractor trailers, and other big rigs can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds. Tire blowouts, brake failures, and engine issues due to improper maintenance or defective truck parts can lead to catastrophic injuries.

Overly Demanding Schedules

In the desire to meet deadlines and increase profits, trucking companies often demand truckers work long shifts without breaks and schedule them for multiple days on the road with inadequate time off. Driving while tired mimics the effects of being under the influence and increases the chances that the driver will fall asleep behind the wheel.

Get Trusted Representation From Our Big Rig Accident Attorneys in Riverside, CA

When big rig accidents happen due to any of the above causes, the trucking company will typically hire a team of attorneys to represent them and others involved. To protect your rights in filing a claim. Get Deldar Legal on your side. To request a consultation, contact our big rig accident law office in Riverside, CA today.

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