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Counterfeit Bicycle Helmets May Do More Harm Than Good

According to one study that reviewed bicycle helmet use for more than 64,000 riders around the world, bicycle helmets reduced the risk of a head injury by seventy percent (70%). In addition, the study found that helmet use reduced the risk of a fatal head injury in a bicycle accident by sixty-five percent (65%). Tragically, riders who suffer a traumatic brain injury in a bicycle accident often require the services of a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney to help them seek compensation for injuries caused by a negligent driver or another party.

California Bicycle Helmet Laws

According to the California Vehicle Code §21212, all bicyclists under the age of 18 years must wear a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle. Also, minors must also wear helmets when riding or using non-motorized scooters, in-line skates, skateboards, and roller skates upon a bikeway, street, or other public bicycle path or trail.

Further, the code section states that the bicycle helmet must meet the standards of either the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Sub-section (b) request that any helmets offered for sale or sold should bear a label stating that the helmet complies with the with the CPSC or ASTM standards.

Fake Bicycle Helmets Could Result in Traumatic Injuries in a Bicycle Accident

A serious problem in the bicycling community is the use of fake bicycle helmets. Bicycle helmets that are fake or counterfeit do not meet the standards set forth by the CPSC or the ASTM. Therefore, these bicycle helmets do not offer the same level of protection for a rider in the event of a bicycle crash.

In a test conducted by Specialized Bicycles to determine if helmets exceed the federal standards, two helmets that appear “very, very similar” are tested. The authentic helmet passes all three of the tests to determine if the helmet will stay in place, if the helmet can be pulled off, and whether the helmet will protect the rider in a crash.

However, the counterfeit or fake bicycle helmet fails all three tests. In the third test, the fake helmet breaks apart. In a real crash, a rider wearing the fake helmet might suffer a traumatic brain injury that results in permanent impairment or death.

Always Look for Authentic Bicycle Helmets

One reason a rider may choose a fake helmet is the price. The price of fake helmets is usually much lower compared to bicycle helmets that meet or exceed federal standards. Always look for interior stickers that state the bicycle helmet meets or exceeds U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. Do not be fooled by helmets that have logos or stickers stating they meet European standards.

In addition, helmets that are fake usually weigh less, have cheap plastic parts, very little inside padding, and do not have a reinforced roll cage for added protection.

According to the OTC, deaths from bicycle accidents increased by 8.1 percent from 136 deaths in 2015 to 147 deaths in 2016. To reduce your risk of serious injury or death in a California bicycle accident, search for and use a bicycle helmet that offers the maximum protection and complies with federal standards for helmets.

A Los Angeles Bicycle Injury Attorney Can Help if You Have Been Injured

Being injured in a bicycle crash can be life-altering. Contact the experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys at Deldar Legal today. Our Los Angeles bicycle injury attorney can handle the insurance claim for you. Let experienced bicycle accident attorneys deal with the insurance adjusters while you continue to heal after a bicycle accident.


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