Left Hook Accidents: What a Cyclist’s Needs To Know

A Cyclist's Guide to Left Hook Accidents

It’s nearly impossible to avoid a collision when a vehicle turns left onto a cyclist. This results in the cyclist being flung into a dangerous slide down the street.

Despite the fact that California has quite a few bike-friendly laws, motorists often ignore cyclists’ rights. Motorists frequently do not see cyclists on the road, so you are invisible until you are struck!

We see a lot of bicycle injury cases that involve left-hook accidents at Deldar Legal. If you’re a California cyclist, here are a few things to know.

Every motorist in California is required to check that their path is clear before turning or going forward. It is for this reason that when motorists cause left-hook collisions with cyclists, they are sometimes cited for code violations.

An accident citation, however, cannot protect you from being severely injured. In order to get compensation, you’ll need to file a civil lawsuit or file an insurance claim against the at-fault driver.

How to Avoid Left Hook Accidents?

Left hook collisions may appear to be accidents, but they are preventable and are potentially the result of negligence. It is dangerous and against the law to turn into the path of another vehicle or cyclist. A motorist can also avoid causing a left hook crash by paying attention!

You have a good chance of winning a case against a driver who causes a left hook accident. Distracted drivers are punished in California because they don’t respect cyclists’ rights to safely share the road.

It is also important for cyclists to drive responsibly. Any action that demonstrates your responsibility while cycling will help. Do not wear headphones while cycling, don’t text while riding, and always follow the laws of the road.

Lastly, make eye contact with drivers at every intersection before you proceed. It’s best to stay clear of their path if you can tell in which direction they’re heading. Your safety depends on it.

Is There Anything I Can Do If I’m Partly at Fault?

Our clients have often tried to prove that they were completely faultless in accidents they have been involved in. The problem arises when the police report is unclear. The officer might say that you are equally at fault. Perhaps a witness said something that casts you in a negative light.

Yes, that’s fine! Even if you share partial responsibility in a left hook accident case, don’t give up.

If you are partly at fault, you may still be able to recover compensation from the accident. Your chances of getting money are good as long as you aren’t 100% at fault. You may be able to recover 60% of the award if the other party is 60% at fault. Whether you suffered a left hook injury or another type of injury, Deldar Legal Injury Attorneys are here for you.

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