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How Can Evidence be Presented In a Personal Injury Case?

Avoid These Five Mistakes During a California Car Accident Lawsuit

Insurance companies and other vested parties might pay particular attention to your personal behaviors and habits after you file a car accident lawsuit. Whether you are aware of them or not, blameless mistakes can affect your case.

If you sustained injuries in an auto accident, you might want to avoid engaging in the following activities listed below. A Riverside auto accident lawyer can address specific questions related to your case.

Mistake #1: Not Acknowledging That Surveillance May Occur

The party you are suing may take it upon themselves to conduct surveillance of you during the course of your lawsuit. Ultimately, they are attempting to prove that your injuries are overstated or that you are somehow dishonest.

For example, the opposing legal team may ask if you went grocery shopping on particular days. Lying about trips to the grocery store that cameras caught you making is generally not good for the strength of your case.

Mistake #2: Discussing Your Case on Social Media

Defense attorneys and insurance adjusters are likely going to sift through your social media and web presence. They are looking for indicators that you are misstating your current physical and emotional state.

For example, it is challenging to claim pain and suffering when you are clearly enjoying life on Facebook. Your attorney can argue why that may be the case, but it makes it more difficult and expensive to pursue your claim.

Mistake #3: Signing a Settlement Agreement Without Legal Counsel

Avoid signing any settlement agreements until you speak with a licensed California car accident lawyer. He or she can consider the fine print, personal injury law, and the circumstances of your case to determine whether your offer is fair or not.

Mistake #4: Filing Your Claim After the Deadline

The State of California imposes a two-year time limit on filing personal injury claims. If you miss this critical deadline, you may not be eligible to file a lawsuit unless extreme preventative circumstances existed.

Mistake #5: Going Against Medical Advice

Follow through on all of your doctor’s medical advice. While some days may be bitterly painful, you cannot miss an appointment without first making arrangements to reschedule. Even then, you do not want the opposing party to discover that you reschedule appointments regularly. The implication of not following medical advice is that you may further injure yourself.

Work With a Riverside Auto Accident Lawyer

While the above information is helpful, only an attorney can apply legal advice to your potential or pending case. He or she can work with you, your insurance company, and doctors to devise a strategy that aims to recover the maximum award amounts possible.

At Deldar Legal, our car accident lawyers in Riverside, CA work tirelessly to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome regarding your case. You can schedule a no-obligation consultation in one of our offices conveniently located throughout California by phone at (844) 335-3271 or by sending us a note about your situation through our request form.

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