Common Mistakes Motorists Make Around Motorcycles

Common Mistakes Motorists Make Around Motorcycles

Motorists are legally required to drive with caution and care in California when they are on the road. It is important for drivers to always be aware of other vehicles, including motorbikes, bicycles, and pedestrians. California has a high number of motorcycle accidents caused by motorists’ mistakes or negligence. 

A motorcyclist usually suffers catastrophic or fatal injuries when he or she is involved in a collision with a passenger car. Knowing how these situations arise may help us avoid these avoidable mistakes.

Motorists Make These 4 Common Mistakes

When passing a motorcycle, motorists make a few common mistakes:

  • Making Unsafe Left Turns

The most dangerous thing a driver can do is make this mistake. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), left-turn collisions account for more than 40% of motorcycle-on-vehicle collisions. Motorcycles are frequently struck by cars that fail to see oncoming motorcycles or miscalculate their speed before making a left turn.

Errors such as these are often caused by a head-on collision or a side-impact collision, which can be fatal or disastrous for the biker. Frequently, motorcycle riders are thrown from their vehicles onto the pavement, suffering severe injuries that could result in permanent disability. Head injuries are also quite common in these kinds of accidents.

  • Switching Lanes

If you are switching lanes, motorists should be on the lookout for other passenger vehicles or large vehicles. In many cases, motorists fail to notice motorbikes on the other side of the road. A vehicle may shift lanes in front of a motorcycle, allowing the rider no time to change lanes or change course. A motorcyclist may suffer catastrophic injuries if this happens.

  • Overspeeding

If drivers travel at excessive speeds or travel at speeds that are inappropriate for traffic, the road, or the weather conditions on the road, they may endanger other road users. Motorcyclists are especially at risk of being rear-ended by drivers who are unable to stop in time.

  • Following a Motorcyclist Too Closely

It would be wise for motorists to give motorcycles plenty of space. Getting too close to a motorcycle might be hazardous. A rear-end collision occurs when drivers are preoccupied or driving too fast for the conditions. When motorcyclists are thrown off their bikes and suffer serious injuries in rear-end collisions, they are often fatal or devastating.

Another reason for closely following a motorcycle is to increase the likelihood of a rear-end collision. Often, motorcyclists will refrain from using their brakes when slowing down as a safety precaution. When motorcyclists need to slow down suddenly, they will ease off on the throttle or downshift.

Since the brake lights may not glow if the driver is not keeping a safe distance behind the motorcycle or is not paying attention, the driver may be surprised when it slows down.

Injury and Damage Compensation After Motorists Mistake

The consequences of motorists’ mistakes could be disastrous, even though they appear to be minor mistakes. Motorcyclists who are victims of such errors can suffer traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, multiple fractured bones, internal organ damage, and road rash. Many victims take time off from work due to protracted hospitalization, rehabilitation, and other factors.

It is common for negligent motorists to cause motorcycle accidents, which can lead to a wide range of damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering. Deldar Legal Injury Attorneys may be able to assist you with filing a wrongful death lawsuit for a loved one killed in a motorcycle accident in California. 

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