10 Rules For Trick-or-Treating This Halloween

Halloween is a magical time for both children and adults! Everyone enjoys spooky decorations, delectable treats, and the fun of dressing up in creative costumes. But as families venture out into the night, it’s essential to prioritize safety and celebrate responsibly. We can all benefit from taking certain precautions like neighborhood safety and pedestrian tips.

We at Deldar Legal want to make sure you and your little monsters have the best and safest Halloween possible! That’s why we put together a comprehensive guide for staying safe this Halloween via our 10 Rules For Trick-or-Treating.

1. Choose A Safe Neighborhood

When selecting where to trick-or-treat, you can pick well-lit neighborhoods known for their safety. Familiarity is critical; you can choose areas you’re comfortable with. You can check local news or online community boards for areas with organized community trick-or-treating events. A neighborhood with an active neighborhood watch or community association can be safer.

2. Travel In Groups

There’s always safety in numbers. Encourage children to move in groups, ideally with one or more responsible adults accompanying younger trick-or-treaters. Larger groups are more visible to drivers, ensuring better roadway safety. In sketchy situations, potential perpetrators are less likely to go after someone in a group.

3. Wear Reflective Clothes

Wearing just one piece of reflective clothing can make a huge difference. You can incorporate reflective tapes, stickers, or glow sticks into costumes. This increases visibility, ensuring kids are more noticeable to drivers. Opt for light-colored costumes when possible, and choose designs that are above the ground to prevent accidental tripping.

4. Cross Streets Safely

Teach children the importance of using crosswalks and pedestrian signals. Remind them to look left-right-left before crossing any road, and emphasize the danger of darting out between parked cars. Ensure they understand to make eye contact with drivers, guaranteeing they’ve been seen.

5. Pick Well-Lit Areas

While that dimly-lit house might look enticing and festive with spooky vibes, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Stick to homes with clear, welcoming lights and evident Halloween decorations, indicating participation and readiness to greet trick-or-treaters.

6. Beware Of Drunk Drivers

With Halloween festivities, there’s an unfortunate rise in drunk driving accidents. Be extra vigilant, especially during peak trick-or-treating hours. Teach children to be alert and watch for cars that seem unpredictable. This may be the most important of our “10 Rules For Trick-or-Treating” this Halloween!

7. Limit Phone Use

While smartphones have their benefits, like GPS tracking, you want to minimize distractions while trick-or-treating. Ensure children keep phones in pockets or bags, only using them when necessary, like in emergencies or to communicate with the group.

8. Check Candy

Before kids start indulging, thoroughly inspect their candy haul. Look for any anomalies, open wrappers, or unfamiliar brands. It’s always better to err on the side of caution. Discard any treats that look suspicious. In 2022, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) warned families of brightly-colored fentanyl that resembles candy.

This is not to say Halloween 2023 is at risk for fentanyl-tainted candy. It’s simply a precaution that some parents may feel the need to take because you can never be too careful!

9. Establish A Route

Plan your trick-or-treating route ahead of time. This ensures you’re familiar with the area, reduces the chance of getting lost, and provides a clear plan if someone does get separated from the group.

10. Stay On Sidewalks

Kids might get excited and want to take shortcuts, but it’s safest to stick to established paths. Discourage them from cutting across yards or driveways, as these areas might have hidden obstacles or tripping hazards, like hoses or toys.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is undoubtedly a time of excitement and imagination. It’s also the time to create a safe environment for our kids. By following our “10 Safety Rules For Trick-or-Treating,” you’re taking significant steps to protect your little ghouls and goblins, making the night a delightful memory rather than a cautionary tale.

Remember, while the essence of Halloween is rooted in fantasy, the dangers in neglecting safety are very real. Equip your family with the right knowledge and follow through. From all of us at Deldar Legal, stay safe and happy trick-or-treating!

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