10 Types of Damages Attributed to Personal Injury Accidents

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Understanding your options for collecting maximum compensation for your personal injury accident is a crucial part of recovering the maximum amount of money. You will be missing out on important categories of damages if you only seek compensation for your medical expenses.

A wide variety of losses can be compensated for personal injury accident victims under California law. Fortunately, if you suffer financial losses, you may be able to recover them, but you may not be able to recover emotional losses. Working closely with your personal injury lawyer will ensure that you receive all of the damages you deserve.

10 Personal Injury Accident Damages Attributed to Personal Injury Cases

A plaintiff can receive many types of compensation in a personal injury case.

Bills Related to Health Care

The medical losses you sustain are not limited to those incurred in emergency rooms. Among the types of damages that you can recover in a personal injury case are medical bills that you incurred as a result of the accident.

In the event that you need physical therapy after an injury, all of your expenses will be considered. For the purpose of creating a long-term care plan, those fees count. You can even get reimbursements for medical equipment, such as wheelchairs. In evaluating your claim, be sure to account for all of the following medical losses:

  • Providing emergency medical care
  • A need for urgent care
  • Professional care from nurses, assistants, technicians, and doctors
  • Costs associated with diagnosis
  • Expenses associated with home health care
  • Exercise-based therapy
  • Costs associated with surgery
  • Costs associated with other rehabilitation services
  • Equipment for mobility
  • Braces, bandages, wraps, and other medical supplies
  • Medications prescribed by doctors

Experiencing Pain and Suffering

It is painful to experience physical pain. Your discomfort and pain will likely last for some time. The purpose of receiving a pain and suffering award is to provide compensation for the plaintiff’s suffering. However, pain cannot be prevented completely. However, the justice system can only compensate your suffering with money.

Your pain and suffering may be compensated depending on the extent of your physical injury. Your compensation for pain and suffering may be limited if your injuries are minor, and you’re able to recover in a short time. 

If you are severely injured and suffer long-term consequences, you may be able to collect more compensation for pain and suffering. An attorney can be of great assistance in determining the value of your pain and suffering.

Experiencing an Emotional Breakdown

The injuries you suffered likely have left you experiencing a great deal of physical pain, but you’re also experiencing a great deal of emotional pain. An accident may leave you suffering from anxiety, fear, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Pain can leave you suffering emotionally in a variety of ways. You should see your doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or insomnia.

The injury of emotional distress compensates you for the mental pain and adjustments you have had to make since the accident. In the same way that pain and suffering are intangible, emotional pain is also intangible. You can ask your personal injury attorney to help you estimate how much your emotional distress is worth.

Loss of Use/ Lack of Ability to Use

Unintentional lifestyle changes can result from personal injury accidents. It may take time to adjust to your new life if you used to ride, exercise, and cook but no longer can. There is a possibility that you could lose an arm or limb, as well as your sight.

Loss of use is a type of damage that compensates you for the activities you can no longer perform. Every loss of use claim is unique. Under California law, the parties must determine what activities the individual performed before the accident and what activities he or she cannot perform as a result of the accident.

Personal Injury Accident leading to a Loss for the Consortium

When you suffer a personal injury, your loved ones may also be affected. A victim’s spouse may apply for loss of consortium under California law. Loss of consortium damages are described by the loss of any one of the following:

  • Feelings of intimacy
  • Affections
  • Relationships between sexual partners
  • Comfort
  • Ability to bear children

Lost Wages

When your injury accident prevents you from working, you may be eligible for compensation. By calculating how much money you would have made if you hadn’t skipped work, you find out how much you would have made. Consider all potential sources of income, including:

  • Having a first, second, and third job
  • Revenues
  • The tips
  • Rewards
  • Several commissions
  • Employer contributions to the pension fund
  • Perks for employees, such as a company phone and car

In addition to your lost wages, you may also lose any compensation that you receive for working. Tax returns, pay stubs, and your employer’s letter can help prove how much you earned before the accident.

Personal Injury Accident Leading to Loss of Earning 

Loss of earning capacity is not the same as lost wages, which refer to what you cannot earn in the short term.

Your compensation, promotions, and job advancement are affected when you are out of work for a long period of time. Occupational experts might be able to help you with your options if your accident has impacted your career outlook.

Services of Repair and Replacement

Getting around the house will be difficult if you are injured. You may need to hire someone for tasks such as taking care of the kids, mowing the lawn, bringing groceries, or cooking. If you hired out work that you used to do yourself, you may be entitled to compensation. You are entitled to replacement service compensation.

Punitive Damage Compensation

In exceptional circumstances, California law may also require the defendant to pay additional damages. A corporation or individual is usually awarded punitive damages if they are responsible for causing substantial harm to a large number of people. In order to encourage good behavior, punitive damages are used to punish bad actors.

Personal Injury Accident leading to Physical Damage to property

A personal injury accident may result in property damage. You may be entitled to compensation if your property has been damaged. You may include the market value of your damaged property in calculating the total amount of your damages.

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