Symptoms of Trauma Linger Long After a Car Accident

Lingering Symptoms Of Trauma After A Car Accident

Car accidents typically take victims by surprise. Symptoms of trauma linger long after a car accident. Even with advance warning, the actual impact of a crash will likely come as a shock. There is a feeling of being jolted or flung from your seat while hearing the sound of metal crunching, glass shattering, and sirens approaching.

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If you have been in a car accident, you know the memories can haunt you long after. As experienced car accident attorneys, we understand the trauma victims suffer and help them get the compensation they deserve.

Symptoms of Car Accident Trauma

Car accidents in big cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Jose are common. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), more than 5,000 people in our area are injured yearly in crashes and collisions. In addition to the physical harm victims suffer, they often experience emotional trauma. Symptoms of trauma linger long after a car accident.

Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) is common in the aftermath of sudden, unexpected, and violent events. It causes people to relive traumatic situations repeatedly in their memories. The American Academy of Family Physicians reports that crash victims should be alert for any of the following symptoms:

  • Feeling in shock about the accident and having a hard time accepting that it happened;
  • Suffering extreme anxiety or panic attacks when in a car or engaged in other activities;
  • Having nightmares, problems sleeping, or intrusive thoughts about the accident throughout the day;
  • Suffering depression and increasingly isolating yourself from others.

When dealing with PTSD, it is important to acknowledge and respect your feelings. Talking with family or friends may help. It is essential to let your treating physician know what you are experiencing. Sometimes, attending counseling can help.

The severity of PTSD likely depends on the type and severity of the accident, the extent of your injuries, and whether others were involved. Fatal crashes and those that cause disfigurement or permanent disabilities are among the most traumatic. It is important to be aware that even seemingly minor wrecks can leave you suffering mentally for months afterward.

Car accident trauma can prevent you from returning to work or engaging in other hobbies and activities you enjoy. In these situations, the California Civil Code allows you to seek compensation for your pain and suffering as part of a car accident claim.

Let Our Car Accident Attorney Assist You

Car accidents can cause lingering trauma and emotional pain. At Deldar Legal, we hold at-fault drivers accountable, so you can get the compensation you need to recover. Contact our car accident attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

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