Ethan Burks

Marketing Specialist

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Ethan moved to Los Angeles in 2021 for career advancement and to live closer to the beach. His professional journey started at the University of Missouri (MIZ!), where he earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism and gained hands-on experience working at KOMU-TV and KBIA-FM.  

The rigors of attending the world’s first journalism school landed him a full-time job at Indiana’s largest NPR and PBS station, WFIU/WTIU News. In 2021, Ethan received accolades from the Indiana Society of Professional Journalists for his thorough reporting on how local businesses endured the economic hardships of the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Storytelling remains a major part of Ethan’s role at Deldar Legal.  As the firm’s Marketing Specialist, he wears many different hats managing social media campaigns, writing blog posts, implementing SEO strategies, and increasing online traffic. Anything that raises Deldar Legal’s brand awareness and showcases our authenticity and commitment to helping clients falls under his job description.  

Outside of work, you can find Ethan on the golf course, softball field, or basketball court staying active and competing for rec league championships. During football season, Saturdays are reserved for watching college football, while Sundays are planned around watching his beloved Green Bay Packers with an unhealthy level of intensity.  

He’s also passionate about reading books, listening to music, hiking, playing poker, trying new restaurants, and binge-watching movies and shows. In no particular order, the greatest TV shows ever created, according to Ethan, are The Sopranos, The Wire, Seinfeld, Mad Men, and The West Wing.

For all future marketing opportunities, feel free to contact us and follow our team on all social media platforms! 

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