Adam Collins 

Digital Media Specialist

Adam puts 100% of his creative energy behind all of his projects. He relishes the opportunity to learn new and exciting ways to reach people over social media and learn about them. Adam believes that being more informed about people personally can give a more complete picture of who they are habitually online.

Around the office, he looms large with his camera always at the ready to capture exciting or rewarding moments in the Deldar Legal day. 

Adam spent his younger years playing around with cameras and watching programs like Blue Planet and Shark Week before eventually joining those same programs as a videographer before moving to Hawaii and graduating from Hawaii Pacific University in 2021. Adam quickly moved back to the mainland to advance his content creation career to great success before joining the Deldar Legal team. 

Staying relaxed but interested in life is a priority to Adam. In his spare time, Adam enjoys being near the ocean under any circumstance, traveling, and all the arts!

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